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What if I told you, you can master any skill in just one year?

What if I say you can master whatever skill you want? Karate, table tennis, guitar, painting, chess, drawing... anything! Incredible, right? That's not a scam, and there's a rule explaining it:


The 100 hours rule states that after 100 hours spent practising a discipline, you'll be better than 95% of the world in that area! After only 100 hours, you'll be among the best 5% people in the world!

If we do some math and divide 100 hours in one year, it's only 18 minutes/day, equivalent to 1.25% of our day!

When I read about the 100 hours rule the first time and looked at these numbers, I decided to test it by spending my spare time drawing. I've always loved it but always thought I was very bad with no chance. Actually, I had never spent more than 3 minutes in a row drawing. I never watched a tutorial and never studied the basics.

I picked a youtube channel (I bet there are a few for every discipline ever known), and I decided to watch a video every day (on this channel, every video is about 15 minutes long; perfect, I would say!). In the picture, you can see the result of 10 minutes of practising some basic shapes... impressive, huh?

After only two weeks... I still suck, of course, but at least I know what the basics shapes are, what a composition is or how the perspective works. Above all, I love having a slot in my day only for me and the things I really like to do.

What would you reserve your slot for?


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