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The Schumann resonance and the mysterious connection to Earth's heartbeat

The Schumann Resonance is "a spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies that resonate within the Earth-ionosphere cavity".

It was predicted in 1952 mathematically by Winfried Otto Schumann and confirmed in 1952 experimentally by the same research group.

The primary frequency of 7.83 Hz is the most well-known and is often associated with Schumann's name. The reason is that, coincidentally, human brainwave frequencies also fall within this range. More in detail, the waves our brain produces during states of relaxation, creativity, and calm fall in this frequency.

Many researchers are still debating around connections between the Earth's electromagnetic resonance and human health. Some suggest that Schumann resonance plays a crucial role in physiological processes. They suggest that our relationship with these frequencies might impact our circadian rhythms, hormone production, and overall well-being.

Even though the research community doesn't have a position yet, this sort of bond between the Earth and us has something special. Thinking of the Schumann resonance as the heartbeat of the Earth that falls on the same relaxation rhythm we have is poetic.

I don't know if these waves influence our life or not. I can confirm, though, that staying barefoot on the sand or grass has something unique and let us feel strongly connected to all the rest.

What do you think? Have you ever heard about this phenomenon?


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