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My first (and perhaps last) marathon

In October, I'll run my first marathon in Budapest.

I've never run before ... just a few kilometres a week during the summer over a treadmill.

The best part is that I convinced one of my best friends to do that with me (sorry) a few days ago. It was our Christmas present!

It will be an experience, we said, it will be a lot of fun, we said!!! 

We said all this before googling possible workouts and realising that people usually take 4-5 months to pass from a half-marathon to a full one. 

Fortunately, my run buddy and I are on the same page. We won't run to get in good shape or to break who knows what record. We run because marathons are challenging. After all, less than 1% of the population ever runs one. We like the idea of saying in the future:

"Mate, we run a marathon with nine months of preparation. We can deal with this problem."

I had to reduce my weightlifting session from 5 times a week to 3 to fit everything.

That's what my schedule looks like now:

  • Monday: Long-running session

  • Tuesday: Back and Biceps

  • Wednesday: Chest and Shoulders

  • Thursday: Short running session

  • Friday: Legs and Triceps

  • Saturday & Sunday: Rest

Long-running session:

  • January - February: 5km

  • March - April: 7.5km

  • May - June: 15km - 7.5km (every other week)

  • July - August: 20km - 10 km (every other week)

  • September: 7.5 km

Back and Biceps workout:

  1. Lat machine - 3x12

  2. Barbel row - 3x10

  3. Lat machine reverse grip - 3x8

  4. Lower back - 3x10

  5. Curl machine - 3x15

  6. Barbell curl - 3x12

  7. Hammer curl - 3x10

Chest and shoulders:

  1. Chest press - 3x12

  2. Cable cross-over - 3x10

  3. Inclined chest press - 3x8

  4. Shoulder press - 3x12

  5. Shoulder fly - 3x10

  6. Front raise - 3x10

  7. Reverse fly - 3x10

Short-running session:

  • January - February: 5km

  • March - April: 5km

  • May - June: 7.5km

  • July - August: 10km

  • September: 7.5 km

Legs and Triceps:

  1. Leg extension - 3x12

  2. Lunges - 3x10

  3. Squat - 3x8

  4. Push down - 3x15

  5. French press - 3x12

  6. Push down cable - 3x10

...and that's it.

See you soon!:)


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