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How the quality of your relations influences your life

The Harvard study of adult development investigated factors contributing to a healthy and happy life. The study --- focused on more than 700 men (and their spouses) --- found out that one of the most important indicators of health is the quality of the relationships.

The study also confirmed that the benefit is not psychological but physiological.

American Time Use Survey

According to the American Time Use Survey (in Figure), we spend, on average, more than 4 hours/day with our partner in adulthood. This survey highlights the need to carefully choose our partner since this person depends on the quality of our life.

As Mitzi told his son Sammy in the movie "The Fabelmans":


Moreover, the quality of your life impacts your success. A clear and relaxed mind can make thoughtful and weighted decisions that a chaotic mind might mess up.

Men like Warren Buffett --- one of the world's most successful investors of all time --- increased his wealth after marrying his second wife, for instance.

The Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson often discusses the connection between partners and happy life. He stresses the idea of focusing on living great ordinary memories and not only vacancies memories.

Your 7-day vacation corresponds to less than 2% of your year; your 4-hour together sharing breakfasts, lunches and dinners --- every day --- is more than 15%.


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