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Did you find balance in your life?

Do you know Rocky Byun? He's a Korean man who's able to balance anything. He started balancing rocks during a difficult period in his life. He kept going by balancing everything: old bicycles, stones, bottles, trees, anything. In an interview, he explained he felt lost at some point in his life and finding the balance in objects helped him find a balance in his own life.

The important lesson I learned when balancing objects is that you can only balance others when you yourself are balanced.

The part I love is that every object has its centre of gravity. I believe the same concept applies to people. For instance, I might find my balance by running 10 km/day, while you might find yours by spending the morning reading a good book at home.

My balance is strictly related to my routine. I rely on my habits to find my balance and not overthink too much. Having structured days helps me to free room in my mind for things that matter and not to organise the day.

The problem was that I used to be pissed off when I couldn't follow the pre-fixed routine. I felt like I was losing my ideal balance. Even worst, often, it was out of my control.

Deadlines, conferences, meetings, and summer schools clashed with my "go to the gym five times a week" or my "read 10 minutes every day" rules.

What I'm doing now is tailoring my routine according to the important things in my life.

The Sunday evenings, I plan the routine for the next week. Even though I always follow the same skeleton (gym, meditation, reading and so on), I adapt the routine to that specific week. If I've two conferences in a row that week, or if I want to take two days off with my girlfriend, I retune my "go to the gym five times a week" rule to "go to the gym three times this week" rule, without making a drama. This way, I can always follow my routine according to my priorities!:)

What about you? I'd love to hear about strategies you use to find your balance!


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